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Are You a Small Company That's Thinking Big Commerce?

Pound for pound, it's harder to find an ecommerce platform that gives better value than Big Commerce. It costs a fraction of what some of the other well-known online store management products do, and can hold its weight against any of them.  If you've been considering making the switch to Big Commerce, or are curious about trying it out to see what it can do for your online store, we can help you to make the best decision for your market.

Here are a handful of the reasons that so many of our clients go with Big Commerce to help their ecommerce sites make more money:

It's quick and easy to set up. While it might not really be as easy as "making sales in 5 minutes," installing Big Commerce onto your site doesn't have to be an enormous hassle, especially if you have an experienced web design and online marketing team working on your side.

Big Commerce plays well with all major design platforms. It doesn't matter whether you prefer HTML, CSS, or another type of design for your online web store – Big Commerce can work with them all, and even blend with the existing look and feel of your online store. You don't have to turn your business upside down just to make it more profitable.

You can integrate Facebook and mobile features. We all know that customers love social media, and that they prefer to access the web while they're on the go now more than ever. With Big Commerce, you don't have to miss out on those mobile sales, because the software works well with a number of devices and platforms, so customers can come to you from iPhones, Droids, BlackBerries, and other smart phones and web-ready devices.

Big Commerce works with lots of shopping carts and payment solutions. No matter what kind of merchant account you have, or how you choose to accept credit cards, online checks, and other payments, Big Commerce makes it easy for you to integrate shopping carts, payment, and shipping information into your online store.

Big Commerce has lots of online business extras. From multiple ways to display product photos to customer credits and even fully functional e-mail marketing, Big Commerce offers just about any tool you might want to use in your business. In fact, when it comes to features, Big Commerce compares pretty favorably to a lot of Enterprise-level ecommerce solutions.

There are other Big Commerce advantages that we could tell you about – like search engine optimization tools and drag-and-drop web layout features – but you probably already know about them. After all, hundreds of companies in every industry are using Big Commerce to launch and maintain online stores every week.

The bottom line is that Big Commerce can help you make more money online… but only if you know the best ways to use it.

How can WorldZOO help you with Big Commerce design and development?

  • By customizing Big Commerce to fit into your existing site structure.
  • Designing a new ecommerce site with Big Commerce development in mind.
  • Making sure your Big Commerce site gains traffic through search engine optimization and social media marketing.
  • Installing Big Commerce and making sure it's running correctly when your store goes live.
  • Adjusting Big Commerce reporting settings so that you get access to key metrics and customer data.
  • Guiding your Big Commerce design from start to finish to make sure you take advantage of all its features.

... and so much more. There's never been a better time to get expert help with one of the world's most popular and powerful ecommerce software packages. Your online business will only grow as much, and as fast, as you allow it by using the right tools in the right way. Big Commerce can make a huge difference in the profitability of your website by helping you manage customers, products, and information more efficiently than you ever have before.

If you're ready to stop using Big Commerce, and start making money with it, then it's time to talk to the team at WorldZOO, San Francisco's premiere web design and online marketing firm. We've got the Big Commerce experience you need to take your site from an online store and turn it into an ecommerce powerhouse. Contact us for a free consultation today!