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If there is one thing iPhone users and iPhone application developers can agree on, it's that apps are awesome. For customers, the fact that there's "an app for everything" means that an almost never-ending supply of convenient software is only a few clicks away. For marketers, the chance to reach new customers, and find new revenue, is huge and growing all the time. Perhaps that's why iPhone developers, like the ones we have at WorldZOO, are becoming so popular.

That's good news, because even if your company has waited until now to consider having an iPhone application designed and developed, there's still lots of room in the market. Tens of millions of iPhones are going to be sold this year alone, and many users couldn't imagine life without them. The time has never been better to use an iPhone coder.

The Two Kinds of Profitable iPhone Apps

More than any other mobile device manufacturer, Apple has embraced the public's desire for a wide range of applications focused on convenience, different industries and occupations, and even entertainment. In fact, there are currently more than 2 million apps available for download at Apple’s store. In fact, you can bet that a lot of iPhone developers are working hard on even more as you read this.

This makes developing your own iPhone app a mixed bag. On the one hand, it's easy to reach new customers with your smart phone application, but on the other hand, it takes something really special to stand out from the crowd. You need to find something unique with the help of an experienced iPhone app programmer. With that in mind, here are the three types of iPhone apps that companies of all sizes profit from most often:

  • iPhone apps that are completely innovative.

    There are really only two kinds of iPhone apps that matter, if they are developed for the general public: the first one, and the best one. If you find that there's already an iPhone application that's very similar to the one you're considering, then  out how you can make it work faster, better, or more comprehensively – or get a professional iPhone design and development team to help you. Make sure that you and your iPhone app coder won't settle for less. Otherwise, you will have a very hard time gaining any traction in the market.
  • iPhone apps that are industry-specific.

    While a lot of the bigger ideas have already been covered by other mobile application development teams, there are still a lot of untapped niches out there where even the smallest businesses can effectively compete. If you have spotted an opening in your industry, or your customers’ industries, then get in touch with us today to see how we can take your idea and turn it into an iPhone app that's making your company money in no time. This is another area where an iPhone app programming team might be able to do some research and help you out.
  • iPhone apps that enhance customer relationships.

    Not every iPhone app is designed to make money just from sales in Apple's store. In fact, mobile commerce industry experts estimate that only about 10% of the iPhone apps that are currently for sale have generated significant profits based on download revenue alone.

So why do companies keep producing them?

Certainly, some of them have misjudged the market, but most see the money to be made from iPhone app downloads as simply "icing on top of the cake." What they really want is to develop a convenient tool that puts their company's name, mobile website information, and other details in front of their best customers on a daily basis. Making a few dollars once is great, but generating dozens of future orders by developing better client relationships is priceless.

"But There's Already An App For That..."

As we mentioned, the most difficult part of the iPhone app development process is building something that’s sleek, performs well for all generations of iPhones, and catches the eye of your target customer group. To accomplish that – and code an iPhone app that's both original and profitable – takes more than a quick punch and a knowledge of iPhone app development software.

What you need is an expert edge, advice from a team that knows mobile technology, and can help you turn a bright idea into real-world mobile commerce that helps your company to find new customers and increase profits. At WorldZOO, we've worked with hundreds of companies just like yours, and we know what it takes to go from mobile app concept to iPhone design and development.

If you think your company could profit from having a popular iPhone app, call WorldZOO today to schedule a free consultation with our mobile development team. We'll show you how we can mix creativity with bottom line thinking, and end up with an iPhone app that helps your business to grow.

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