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Magento Shopping Cart Online Store

Are You Ready to Take Your Online Store to the Next Level With Magento?

If you're serious about making money with an online store, then you've probably already checked out Magento's industry-leading ecommerce platform. There aren't many tools that are even nearly as well recognized, and none that can do so much for an Internet business that relies on successful conversions to keep growing.

After all, there's a reason that companies like Skype, Vizio, and OfficeMax – not to mention hundreds more – use Magento for their online stores. How can WorldZOO help you to get the most out of Magento... and make your ecommerce site more profitable?

  • Through better site management with a state-of-the-art content management (CMS) system
  • By giving you more control over your online store’s product descriptions and page layouts.
  • With seamless integration between Magento's online shopping platform and all major merchant systems.
  • By strengthening customer loyalty with advanced account and order management tools.
  • With tools that help you optimize your site for iPhones and other mobile web devices.
  • By giving you access to detailed reports and metrics that help you get the most out of every page and every visitor to your ecommerce site
  • Through international support offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week

... and a lot more. But despite the fact that so many small business owners know what Magento can do for them, many fail to take advantage of its most powerful features, or even to correctly implement it in the first place.

Why aren't smaller companies getting more out of Magento? In most cases, it's because they don't have an ecommerce partner or Magento development expert to help them install it correctly, integrate it into their online store, and have it generating the right kinds of reports to get the most useful information. In other words, they have a powerful tool at their fingertips, but no one to help them make the most of it.

If you read through online reviews of Magento, or take a look through ecommerce forums, you'll find that there are two groups of business owners: those who think it's a fantastic piece of software that can help an online store to find more customers and increase the size of their average order, and those who think Magento is slow, that it's expensive, or that it isn't as powerful as they thought it was. Both groups are right... it's just that the second group doesn't have Magento working properly, and so its biggest benefits remain hidden.

Magento Shopping Carts are entirely customizable.

Magento is not just better content management system

Once you've worked with a professional Magento development team, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. Having the ecommerce platform working at the highest level – especially if it's the powerful Magento Enterprise Edition – can not only help you manage your products and pages more efficiently, but it can also help you find new opportunities, manage promotions, sell more effectively online, and even get better customer data. If you aren't getting everything you should be from Magento, or need help implementing it into your online store, WorldZOO can help.

Here are just a few of the ways we'll make your site more profitable with Magento:

By guiding you through Magento installation. The first step to making more money with Magento is having it installed and running correctly on your ecommerce site. A large percentage of business owners make Magento installation mistakes that can slow down their site or cost them lots of new orders later. We'll make sure you're up and running from day one.

By integrating Magento into the design of your online store. Using the world's premier ecommerce platform doesn't have to mean sacrificing the look and feel you want for your online store, and customers prefer ecommerce sites with a style. WorldZOO can help you ensure that Magento works within your design, not outside of it.

By using Magento to help with search engine optimization. Optimizing your site for customer conversions is important, but so is optimizing it to gain traffic from the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing in the first place. Magento can be very search engine friendly if you use it the right way, and WorldZOO can make sure you're getting the biggest SEO benefit from every page.

By helping you to coordinate specials and promotions. Because of its other well-known features, the tools that Magento gives you to run specials, online coupons, and other promotions are often overlooked. We’ll help you to get the most out of the software in your site, as well as work with you to bring in more shoppers with Magento's marketing tools.

Ready to get started, or have some questions? Get in touch with WorldZOO today! We offer free consultations to new prospective clients, and we'll be happy to show you how to get more out of Magento, or figure out which edition is right for your online store.